Welcome to my website!

While it’s exciting to have my own website, I must say I’m somewhat skeptical of the internet when it allows someone like me to have an author website. Thank goodness for low standards.

That being said, you’ll want to check back often because something crazy is always happening in my quirky world. Or follow me over on Facebook.

So, how did I become a writer?

One day I had this wacky notion I should do something productive. My first thought was to vacuum. I quickly came to my senses and dismissed that awful idea. The more I considered my options, I figured I might as well write. That way I can sit in a chair, look out the window, monkey around on Facebook, Google useless information and still be able to tell people I’m a writer. The idea was so brilliant I could hardly believe it came from me!

That’s how I ended up being a writer. Or maybe it was because I liked to see my name in print. Whatever the reason, people are laughing at me anyway so I might as well laugh at myself.

My book, “We Don’t Care Who Wins as Long as Joan Loses,” is available on Amazon. It’s a mostly true humorous memoir. Here is the link to order.  https://amzn.to/39YciE4 

Celebrate your quirkiness I say!!