The Beer Truck!

In case you drove by my house today and saw this beer semi parked in front of my house for quite a while, I swear he was not delivering beer to me!! I drink Miller Lite, really I do!!

The Apron Tells the Story

To all you nonbelievers, I do own an apron! If you look closely you will see I got it in Orlando Florida in 2010 when I participated in the Pillsbury Bake Off!! In other news, I think it’s National Fib Day!

Remember When Deer Went to School

I continue to find fascinating news in the Remember When section of the Crosby-Ironton Courier. It was 25 years ago that a deer jumped in the window at the C-I Junior High School. I suspect this deer was not of right mind. I arrived at that conclusion because every day I sat in class in junior high school, I dreamed about jumping OUT the window!!