Remember When the Thief Stole the Rolls-Royce Then Gave It Back Along With Explosives!

As I continue to catch up on my old Crosby-Ironton Couriers, I keep finding interesting items in the Remember When Section. It was 95 years ago that a Rolls-Royce was stolen in Deerwood. The next evening the thief returned it. What? Not good enough for him?! Well, now that I think about it, the Rolls would stand out in the Crosby area. I give the thief kudos for realizing he should have stolen a Ford instead!

But not only did the thief return the vehicle, he left a tube of mysterious, yellowish liquid in it. Because the tube was packed in corrugated paper, chemists who examined it deduced it might be an explosive liquid. But because they couldn’t validate whether it was or not, they offered the bottle up to anyone in the community who wanted to experiment with it to see if indeed it was explosive!! That makes perfect sense. Let those aspiring 10 year old scientists take it home and light a match to it!

Remember When Pigs Roamed the Neighborhood

It’s been a good time to catch up on my reading of the Crosby-Ironton Courier. I refuse to throw one in the recycling bin until I’ve read it from cover to cover. I obviously fell quite far behind because several of the issues in the reading pile are from May 2019! One of my favorite sections is “Remember When”. It features tidbits of news from the past 105 years. The one’s that mention me are my favorite but I haven’t found any of those yet. But I did find out about a runaway pig!

The paper reported a pig was on the loose in my neighborhood in 1914. Someone on my street found him but the finder stated in the Courier they weren’t giving him back unless the owner paid for the ad and the pig’s keep. Clearly not the charitable type. Lucky that pig isn’t running around the neighborhood today. He’d be stashed away in the guest bedroom along with 100 rolls of toilet paper!!

Ben and Erin evaded me…this time!!

I stopped in Laurel Mississippi– the Home Town on the popular HGTV show. While I didn’t find Ben and Erin Napier, I did meet Ben’s teddy bear brother, Jesse, who regularly appears on the show. And that makes him a celebrity in my book!! He was sweet as could be. Of course, he insisted on hugging me–at least that’s how I remember it!!

Believe me, you need to stop!

Although this stop sign is only one half block from my house, this is the first time that I noticed it’s not your typical stop sign. Apparently, we have a prankster in Crosby!! (I am totally innocent–well, at least of this offense!!)