Believe me, you need to stop!

Although this stop sign is only one half block from my house, this is the first time that I noticed it’s not your typical stop sign. Apparently, we have a prankster in Crosby!! (I am totally innocent–well, at least of this offense!!)

Celebrity Hound with Ronny Cox

Here I am with actor Ronny Cox, the dueling banjo player from Deliverance. He didn’t have much choice to pose with me because I basically cornered him. Getting away from the bad guys in that movie was probably easier than avoiding me!!

With actor Ronny Cox

Wine and Words and Me!

Another wonderful Wine and Words presented by the Friends of the Brainerd Library. A great lineup of authors. A fun evening! And I behaved…mostly!!

With Cary Griffith. Loved his book, Lost in the Wild. Highly recommend!
With Kristina McMorris and Lorna Landvik. Just finished Kristina’s book, Sold on a Monday. Great read!
With Allen Eskens. This was after I snuck up on him. Highly recommend The Life We Bury.
With Randy Susan Meyers. She has the cutest NY accent.