Remember When the Thief Stole the Rolls-Royce Then Gave It Back Along With Explosives!

As I continue to catch up on my old Crosby-Ironton Couriers, I keep finding interesting items in the Remember When Section. It was 95 years ago that a Rolls-Royce was stolen in Deerwood. The next evening the thief returned it. What? Not good enough for him?! Well, now that I think about it, the Rolls would stand out in the Crosby area. I give the thief kudos for realizing he should have stolen a Ford instead!

But not only did the thief return the vehicle, he left a tube of mysterious, yellowish liquid in it. Because the tube was packed in corrugated paper, chemists who examined it deduced it might be an explosive liquid. But because they couldn’t validate whether it was or not, they offered the bottle up to anyone in the community who wanted to experiment with it to see if indeed it was explosive!! That makes perfect sense. Let those aspiring 10 year old scientists take it home and light a match to it!


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