The Book is Available!

VG Publishing is proud to announce that We Don’t Care Who Wins as Long as Joan Loses is now available on Amazon!

While it might seem like it took forever, Julia Child took ten years to write her first book so at least I was quicker than that cream puff author!

Please forgive the cover! One photo of me is far more than enough not to mention seven of me! Flip the book over for instant relief as there’s only one photo of me on the back cover. (Note to budding authors: never put your name in the title if you don’t want your picture to appear on the cover!)

The paperback is available immediately. The eBook is available on pre-order. It launches in two short days on Wednesday, the 14th. Here is the link to order: 

If you have nothing better to do, check it out! Thank you all for your support and for going on this book journey with me! I so appreciate all of you!!


Quirky author, frustrated golfer, pouter extraordinaire

7 thoughts on “The Book is Available!

  1. Getting mine this Thursday! Can’t wait to receive it as I am in desperate need of humor after the past year. Reminiscing growing up across the street and remembering Joan always winning whatever game we played makes me chuckle (she was much more athletic than the rest of us). It also makes me smile remembering the innocent fun we had growing up in a small town. Thanks Abbie Ape.


  2. It was so much fun reminiscing about the old days and the fun times we had. I think a few stories will bring back some good memories. Of course. I did use a bit literary license here and there. 😊 I was the worst sport ever–I don’t know how any of you put up with me!! I look back fondly on the neighborhood and all the wonderful people who were a part of my journey. Thanks so much for your support Katlegs!!


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